We can now offer a wide range of white food-quality rubber belts.

Let us tell you more about our belts

What we can offer

Belts for separators (deboning machines) compatible with Baader and Sepamatic.

Belts for Separators (also known as Deboning/Desinewing machines) in food-processing field, mainly intended for the processing of meat, poultry and fish.

Replacement white food quality rubber belts.

Main features

The tensile core is made with fabric synthetic fiber of high strength and low elongation.
Rubber compound specifically designed to grant high wear and tear resistance (according to standard FDA 177.2600-e)
All-rubber edges so that no fabric is exposed.
High precision in width such to minimize waste due to products falling laterally.
Proper pattern on top side to ensure good gripping and therefore the utmost production yield.

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